Wednesday, February 3, 2010

featured artist . . . Jenn of Nejella Photo Art, and photo giveaway

Say Hello to Jenn from Nejella Photo Art!
I was browsing on Etsy one afternoon, searching under the term "forget-me-not" and happened upon this absolutely mesmerizing photo.

Taken aback by this lovely photo's ethereal and evocative nature, I peeked inside Jenn's shop and found a plethora of amazing altered art photographs.

Jenn's photo descriptions tell a story. They are thought provoking, honest and full of hope. For example: this lovely rose print entitled, "Waited Up Last Night" bears the following description: "She waited up last night. Not for the door to open. Not to hear what the new excuse would be. Not to see if he came to bed. She waited up last night for the promises her new start was going to bring."

I was able to chat a bit with Jenn and learn a bit more about who she is and where she gets her inspiration. I couldn't wait to feature her on my blog, and share only a sampling of the absolutely gorgeous work she does. Our interview follows.

*Tell us a little about yourself.*
A little bit silly and a lot quirky. I have a day job. I love anything Robin's Egg blue. I'm a dreamer. And I've never met a cookie I didn't like.
*How do you view life? And how does this influence your artwork?*
I view life as a gift, one that should never be taken for granted. I try to stay in the moment as much as possible, because I know the past is done, and the future I cannot control. Those thoughts surely influence my artwork, because being in the moment allows me to put my full self into my art.
*What are your loves in life?*
My family, my furry kids, my home, good coffee and Kundalini Yoga.
*Where did you learn about Etsy?*
I'm not sure how I found out about Etsy, but I do know I started out by shopping on Etsy. My first purchase was a necklace made of vintage guitar charms. After that, I was hooked. Now, I buy around 90% of my gifts on Etsy. It makes shopping for the people I love fun, and I can be pretty sure no one will already have the gift I buy.
*How did you decide to open up a shop on Etsy?*
Selling on Etsy just sort of happened. My husband and I were redoing our 1948 cottage and were spending every waking moment and every single cent on our home. I started beading, for relaxation. And then I couldn't stop. I was either working on our house, or beading. And I loved every second of both. Before I knew it, I had too many earrings for one girl, so I decided to try selling them. Shortly after that, I decided to sell my photography.
*How did you come up with your business name, Nejella Photo Art?*
As a child, my grandmother called me Nejella (nej-ella) Why? Because Nej was Jen backwards. My grandmother was the warmest, funniest, chattiest, silliest, down to earth, eclectic, vibrant woman I have ever known. She passed away before I opened my shop, but she's part of me, so her heart is in everything I do. I carry her with me, and I see that in my shop.

*Where do you find your inspiration?*
I find my inspiration in flowers, moments and vintage everything and anything. I love the combination of beauty and age. I really hope to reflect that in my work.
*What is one thing that has changed your life for the better?*
My husband. I met him in 2005 on He encourages me every chance he gets. Always gives his honest opinion, even when it's not what I want to hear (brave soul). He never, ever says that anything is a bad or crazy idea. He makes me laugh and brings me peace. I really didn't know my creative self until I knew him.

Jenn's work is all amazing! I ordered this beautiful print above from Jenn, entitled, "Wish or Regret" The description follows:
"Is it a wish or is it a regret? This 8x8 print will arrive in 10 days. It will be printed on Kodak Endura Metallic paper by a professional printer."
This print is so magical, interesting, and thought-provoking! And the metallic paper makes it glimmer and glow! I ended up staring at it for about five minutes straight the other day!
Jenn has agreed to give away this marvelous print (which sells for $25.00 in her etsy shop) to one lucky winner!
Here's how it works:
Post a comment to this blog entry. Leave a link to yourself. One winner will be randomly chosen on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH, 2010. Check back then to see who the winner is! I will at that time need your mailing address so Jenn can send this print out to you.
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You can see all of Jenn's amazing work in her Etsy shop:
See many examples of her artwork at:
And follow her interesting blog:


  1. What a great idea Katie! All of her pictures are beautiful...I'll have to check out her shop & blog :)
    -Anna (

  2. Your friends pictures are lovely! I loved hearing the story about her grandmother and the reason for her name!

  3. Great interview, Kate! And I thought Jen just made jewelry. I didn't realize she was a photographer also. Ethereal -- perfect word to describe those beautiful floral pics. The dandelion and the forget-me nots are my favorites:)