Saturday, January 23, 2010

Regency Exhibition Ball

I just received an email announcing the Fourth Annual Regency Exhibition Ball held in Lansing, MI on Saturday, March 27th, 2010! My husband, mother, father, sister & her husband, my brother and I have attended the ball for the previous three years. We have always had a fantastic time! We learn how to English Country Dance just like they did in Jane Austen's day, eat wonderfully yummy food, laugh and enjoy the general splendor of the evening!

Here are my husband and me at last year's ball in our regency apparel I sewed. I ordered pure lightweight silk to make my dress for last year. Can't wait for the ball this year! My mom, sister, and I are already planning! Here's the web address:
This next week I'll be listing some lovely Austen-inspired venise lace crowns/headbands
in my shop on Etsy.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

edible valentines

Firstly, I must announce that I made my first sale of 2010 yesterday . . . hooray!
Secondly, It is January 16th and I have awoken to birds singing for the past three mornings! What a cheerful sound! And what a gift in the middle of winter!

Thirdly, I've been thinking of Valentine's Day recently and remembering some darling cookies I made last year in celebration . . . which my children happily consumed.
I just whipped up a couple batches of sugar cookies from my favorite recipe. Cut them out with heart cookie cutters. Then I whipped up some royal icing (egg whites and powdered sugar beaten until stiff peaks form). Tinted it with different food colorings. Spread the cookies with frosting. Let it harden completely. Then, poured some red food coloring onto a folded napkin inside of a tin, and stamped cute "conversation heart" sayings on each cookie with alphabet stamps.
I loved how they turned out! So did my kids' classmates, as we took them in to share for classroom valentine's celebrations.
After blogging about this, I am resolved on creating them again this year!
Happy winter to you all!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a sunny, snowy day in rural Michigan

I have come to the conclusion that I must have AMCD: Artistic Medium Commitment Disorder . . . I LOVE working with so many different items; fabric, pearls, MOP buttons, anything silver, laces, etc. I have a hard time commiting to one thing. So my Etsy shop is filled with lots of different handmade items. Sigh . . .


Friday, January 8, 2010

thank yous

I am SO thankful for great family and friends. Some thank yous are in order for supporting me in my little Etsy venture.

First, thank you to my Mom, who has always been a wonderful friend and mother to me and has always encouraged me to be creative! XO, Mom!!

Next, thank you to my sisters who have encouraged me along the way. The older of the two (and comrade in all things Jane Austen) was my first customer! Thank you, Em!
And my youngest sister, the business-minded glamour queen ;) who has given me good advice. Thank you, Jenny!

I've got to thank my sweet, sweet cousin, Shelley, who is raising twins and was my second customer and one of my first followers on facebook. Thanks, sweetie!

Have to thank my friend Judy! She started a screen-printing business and showed me that you can make money doing something you LOVE.

Thanks to Etsy for making a fantastic site and helping people turn a hobby into a business!

Anyone out there wondering if they should take the plunge and open a shop on etsy . . . my advice is DO IT! It is so much fun! I've met SO MANY nice and wonderful people on Etsy! Can't wait to see where this adventure will take me!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

rags to riches???

I have naturally wavy hair. But for most of my photo shoots, I curl my hair to portray that "romantic, 'Jane Austen'" feel . . . for that purpose, and of course, it is actually fun to play dress up. :)
I've experimented with my hair-curling process, first using traditional foam rollers. I tried pin curls once which ended up giving me large, flowy curls. You can see the results on my etsy site by clicking on my "taria maiwen" flower hair clip.
For my most recent photo shoot, I rag-rolled my hair. This technique is not new. Women used to use bits of cloth, wrap their hair around them and tie them up. So, after I showered at night, I rolled up my hair and slept on it. It actually ended up being quite comfortable . . . quite unlike foam rollers!

After unrolling my hair, I simply pinned it up in back with a couple large snap-clips and a BUNCH of bobby pins, and, voila! Hair fit for a queen . . . or at least a Jane Austen fan! :)

Hope my new rag-rolled 'do will bring in the riches . . . okay, I know, that was cheesy!
Wishing you all well in the new year!
All my best!,