Friday, January 8, 2010

thank yous

I am SO thankful for great family and friends. Some thank yous are in order for supporting me in my little Etsy venture.

First, thank you to my Mom, who has always been a wonderful friend and mother to me and has always encouraged me to be creative! XO, Mom!!

Next, thank you to my sisters who have encouraged me along the way. The older of the two (and comrade in all things Jane Austen) was my first customer! Thank you, Em!
And my youngest sister, the business-minded glamour queen ;) who has given me good advice. Thank you, Jenny!

I've got to thank my sweet, sweet cousin, Shelley, who is raising twins and was my second customer and one of my first followers on facebook. Thanks, sweetie!

Have to thank my friend Judy! She started a screen-printing business and showed me that you can make money doing something you LOVE.

Thanks to Etsy for making a fantastic site and helping people turn a hobby into a business!

Anyone out there wondering if they should take the plunge and open a shop on etsy . . . my advice is DO IT! It is so much fun! I've met SO MANY nice and wonderful people on Etsy! Can't wait to see where this adventure will take me!


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