Saturday, January 16, 2010

edible valentines

Firstly, I must announce that I made my first sale of 2010 yesterday . . . hooray!
Secondly, It is January 16th and I have awoken to birds singing for the past three mornings! What a cheerful sound! And what a gift in the middle of winter!

Thirdly, I've been thinking of Valentine's Day recently and remembering some darling cookies I made last year in celebration . . . which my children happily consumed.
I just whipped up a couple batches of sugar cookies from my favorite recipe. Cut them out with heart cookie cutters. Then I whipped up some royal icing (egg whites and powdered sugar beaten until stiff peaks form). Tinted it with different food colorings. Spread the cookies with frosting. Let it harden completely. Then, poured some red food coloring onto a folded napkin inside of a tin, and stamped cute "conversation heart" sayings on each cookie with alphabet stamps.
I loved how they turned out! So did my kids' classmates, as we took them in to share for classroom valentine's celebrations.
After blogging about this, I am resolved on creating them again this year!
Happy winter to you all!

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