Tuesday, January 5, 2010

rags to riches???

I have naturally wavy hair. But for most of my photo shoots, I curl my hair to portray that "romantic, 'Jane Austen'" feel . . . for that purpose, and of course, it is actually fun to play dress up. :)
I've experimented with my hair-curling process, first using traditional foam rollers. I tried pin curls once which ended up giving me large, flowy curls. You can see the results on my etsy site by clicking on my "taria maiwen" flower hair clip.
For my most recent photo shoot, I rag-rolled my hair. This technique is not new. Women used to use bits of cloth, wrap their hair around them and tie them up. So, after I showered at night, I rolled up my hair and slept on it. It actually ended up being quite comfortable . . . quite unlike foam rollers!

After unrolling my hair, I simply pinned it up in back with a couple large snap-clips and a BUNCH of bobby pins, and, voila! Hair fit for a queen . . . or at least a Jane Austen fan! :)

Hope my new rag-rolled 'do will bring in the riches . . . okay, I know, that was cheesy!
Wishing you all well in the new year!
All my best!,

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    I found you on Etsy and said to myself, I must ask her how to do one's hair like that and voila! You already answered my question. I love love love the pearl bobby pins.