Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday's Fancies {Take Me to the Carnival}

This time of year always makes me eager for the Carnival. That colorful, jubilant event filled with cotton candy on a stick & candied apples, exotic animals, thrilling rides, and of course, the big top.

Hope you enjoy these lovely carnival-inspired items from talented Etsians!

{clockwise from top left}

The vibrant colors and whimsical feel of this "Fly High" photo print from Integrity Studio {bucks county frames} conjure imaginations of whipping freely through the breeze. Please check out all of Carl Christensen's Carnival and Fair photos, which are all equally as lovely!
Every Carnival needs a clown, and what could be sweeter than this tiny cherub-faced one? This vintage-inspired Clown Costume from Dahlhart Lane reminds me of years-gone-by. Plus, there's no chance this will leave you with scary images of painted-faced jesters! 
What's a carnival without Fresh Roasted Peanuts??? Please don't try to eat these ones though! They're made of soap! Perfect for washing all the cotton candy off your fingers after the Carnival! Fresh Roasted Peanut Soap from LoveLee Soaps
You must have tickets to ride the ferris wheel! I just Love that Ruth Mikos has created this Jubilee Ride Ticket wooden bracelet with a vintage Ticket image! If I wore this to the Carnival, do you think they'd let me ride for free?

Mmmmmm . . .  now I'm hungry for elephant ears!

Happy Carnival season!

Fondly, Kate

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