Monday, March 15, 2010


Okay, today's confession . . . I don't like bananas. When I was little I told my mom the banana seeds hurt my tongue. {My science-y son informed me a few months back that bananas really don't even have seeds. Those little black dots inside are not true seeds!}

So, I tried a banana about 2 years ago, thinking that maybe me not liking them was just a kid thing. I was wrong. I swallowed one bite . . . barely. YUCK! {sorry, to all you banana lovers out there!}

I absolutely ADORE banana bread and banana cake! But fresh bananas are just a no-no with me.

I think there is nothing to be done about this food aversion. It seems quite impossible that I will ever eat a fresh banana . . . ever. I am quite content, however, to buy them and pass them out to all my kids when they are the least bit hungry . . . and continue baking up banana muffins which I will happily consume without any arm-twisting! :)

Happy, happy Monday!

Fondly, Kate

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  1. It's ok that you don't like bananas. We will let you off the hook on this one!