Thursday, January 6, 2011

A tisket, a tasket . . .

HAPPY NEW YEAR, lovelies!

Well, embarrassingly enough, it has been a month and a half since I last blogged! 
{looking sheepish}

To my credit, I was OVERWHELMINGLY busy shipping out items through December at the rate of about 12 items a day from my Etsy shop! {HOORAY for sales!}

As it is the new year, I've been {and still am} rethinking what exactly I'd like my blog to be.

In the meantime, and in the spirit of something new, just thought I'd introduce my new little posy baskets in perfect Valentine's colors! Inspired by papier mache candy containers of yesteryear, and delightful painted sap buckets . . .

. . . in cottage pink


. . . and poppy red

{I've three other colors in production at the moment and hope to begin listing them by next week!}

. . . and list a few personal resolutions . . .

1. become balanced
2. laugh . . . out loud . . . more! {I used to be so good at this}
3. really SEE things . . . instead of just LOOKING at them
4. organize . . . my whole house . . . one bit at a time

Here's to a BRAND NEW year full of possibilities! :)

Fondly, Kate


  1. LOVE your New year's 'Resolutions' (especially the 2nd one!!) SO good for the body and soul!!

  2. LOVE your resolutions! Sounds like you have a good start to the new year :)

  3. Your resolutions sound really good, and seem quite attainable. Happy new year! ::Jill

  4. Kate apart from being lovely objects, your pictures are amazing. I can just see this flying out in no time! You have a knack for colours ;)