Saturday, March 5, 2011

a sleigh ride

A month ago {yep, I'm that far behind}, on my husband's birthday, we were invited to some friends' for a bonafide sleigh ride {our first ever}! It was a perfect day in a perfect setting! Good friends, great food, a woodstove to warm up at, and lots of hot cocoa and hot apple cider, made for a memorable day!

walking to the horse barn

conversing with the horses

loading up with some friends

our farmer friends have several teams of horses, these ones took us out

Sadie follows behind. 
Sasha, the other german shepherd was smart and climbed aboard the sleigh!

into the woods with our driver, Barney, and some friends with their granddaughter

it was the PERFECT day! 22 degrees, and snow falling all around!

snowflakes that stay on our nose and eyelashes!

out of the woods and back to the farm

Sasha giving Ethan doggy kisses

going out on another run

If you get the opportunity, NEVER turn it down! It was an utterly magical day!
Looking forward to our next invitation . . . NEXT winter! :)

Fondly, Kate

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