Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas-y Girl's Day Out!

I always look forward to the first weekend in December!

Every year, my mom, sisters and I enjoy the Grand Ledge Holiday Home Tour.

We always make a day of it!

First, we meet up at Sweet Linda's Cafe for a light breakfast.

this year, I started my day with their fruit & yogurt parfait with homemade cherry-almond granola . . . 

 . . . and a frostbite {a wondrously decadent hot chocolate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle}

Then we head next door to The Lamb's Gate Antiques Shop where I invariably leave with a few finds! This year I bought a handful of letterpress letters to spell 'Xmas', a pair of antique white bloomers, and a bag of old monopoly pieces.

. . . but the MOST fun we have at The Lamb's Gate, is in the upper room, trying on old hats!

mother-in-law, mom and me modeling some real lovelies!

my sister, modeling the 'match head' hat

next, we crossed the street to the Grand Ledge Opera House
to see their santa display . . . 

 . . . trees all decorated for the holidays by local businesses and private citizens . . .

 {absolutely LOVE this one made from vintage wire fencing!!! In fact, I made one of my own this year!} . . . 

. . . and festive tables decorated for the holidays . . .  

We visited five beautifully decorated historic houses this year, but this one was our absolute FAVORITE!!!
We saw this house last year too, and it was WELL worth coming back to see! Peg had her home all decked out with vintage finds and salvaged pieces! She has an amazing eye for style, and we were surprised and delighted to see what she could do with a handful of cast-offs!
 . . . mom, Jenny & me in Peg's DELIGHTFUL upstairs bedroom!

. . . then, it was back to Sweet Linda's for lunch . . . 

mom's veggie croissant with a frostbite to go!

and my heavenly tuscan chicken panini with a raspberry-strawberry french soda

the lovely {and, yes, very sweet!} staff at Sweet Linda's who serve up wondrously delicious food! . . . Linda, Mike, their son, and this lovely gal with wonderfully amazing pink hair! Just like cotton candy! :)

Such a delightful girl's day out! And a wonderful opportunity to start feeling the holiday spirit! Even my sister Jenny, aka 'the glam queen' who despises all things old and vintage, couldn't wait to come this year after having a wonderful time last year!

Wishing you all wondrously delightful family moments this season!

Sweetly, Kate


  1. What fun! Girl time is always needed :)

  2. OMG you should have us all around next year to do this with you!!! Seems like the best day out :)
    Have a fantastically chilled festive season with your loved ones !!!