Monday, May 17, 2010

My Saturday

Good Monday Morning!
My Saturday was SUPER busy and fulfilling! Here's what I accomplished:
woke up. Read scriptures & meditated a bit.
made up a crockpot of bean soup
did a bit of Etsy, relisted 2 sold items
paid bills online
made homemade cinnamon rolls
ran to the grocery store
stopped back at the College plant sale {bought a species columbine}
spackled the wall in our bathroom where I removed a huge medicine cabinet and light fixture
pushed through 2 loads of laundry
helped my kids fold 8 loads of clean laundry
cleaned up my "garden nursery" to the side of our house
planted a flat of annuals while my two oldest boys:
moved 6- 4x4x8s
loaded up the tractor trailer with bark mulch, moved it up to the front yard to the blueberry bed and dumped it
patched up my hanging wall basket to get ready to plant it with flowers
secured a vintage metal milk crate to the back of our old cruiser {display} bike outside
sorted through our "donate" pile in the back yard
painted 2 coats of chalkboard paint on my sandwich board
trimmed the burning bush
cut down 2 scrub bushes that keep growing on their own! ughhh!
sprayed weed-killer in the driveway to get it ready for more peastone
started cultivating the blueberry bed and spread mulch
made dinner
bathed my two youngest sons
sanded the spackle and painted 2 coats of paint in the bathroom
watched a movie with my kids and hubby
talked with my husband for a bit
made 2 pans of lemon bars
read a magazine
went to bed
All in all, a very satisfying day! Hope my day today is as busy!
Have a LOVELY, LOVELY day!!
Fondly, Kate

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